Canadian Geese

Having wild Canada Geese on your commercial property can present various concerns and potential dangers. Whether you are operating an airport, golf course, community park, or other public property, here are some of the key issues associated with their presence:

Canadian Geese and Border Collie
  • Property damage: Canada Geese can cause damage to commercial properties in several ways. They often graze on grassy areas, causing extensive wear and tear on lawns, golf courses, and landscaping. Their constant feeding can lead to patchy and unsightly areas. Additionally, their droppings can accumulate and create sanitation and aesthetic issues.
  • Slip and fall hazards: Geese droppings are not only unsightly but can also create slippery surfaces. When droppings accumulate on walkways, parking lots, or other high-traffic areas, it increases the risk of slip and fall accidents for employees, customers, and visitors to the property.
  • Aggressive behavior: During nesting season, Canada Geese can display aggressive behavior when they feel threatened or when their nests are approached. They may hiss, honk loudly, flap their wings, or charge at individuals, potentially causing injuries or accidents.
  • Public health concerns: Geese droppings can harbor bacteria, parasites, and fungi, posing potential health risks to humans. The accumulation of droppings on the property increases the likelihood of exposure to pathogens, which can lead to diseases such as salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis.
  • Environmental impact: Canada Geese can have a negative impact on the local ecosystem. Their excessive grazing can lead to the depletion of vegetation, impacting other wildlife species that rely on the same resources. They can also contribute to water pollution if their droppings contaminate nearby bodies of water.
  • Noise and nuisance: Canada Geese are known for their honking calls, which can be disruptive and bothersome, particularly in areas where noise restrictions apply. Their presence in large numbers can create noise pollution and disturb the peace and quiet of the surrounding environment.

It’s important to address Canada Goose-related concerns on commercial properties promptly. Engaging professional wildlife management services like All Out Bird Control, LLC or seeking guidance from local authorities can help implement humane and effective strategies to mitigate these issues while respecting wildlife and complying with regulations.

Using Border Collies to Control Canada Geese on Commercial and Community Properties

Discover how employing highly trained Border Collies can effectively and environmentally friendly deter Canada Geese from commercial and community properties. Learn about the benefits and considerations of this humane and efficient approach.

Controlling Canada Geese populations on commercial and community properties can be challenging, considering the risks they pose to the environment, public health, and property maintenance. However, employing Border Collies for goose management offers an effective and humane solution. This page explores the benefits and considerations of using highly trained Border Collies as a natural and eco-friendly method to control Canada Geese on your property.

Benefits of Border Collies for Canada Goose Management:

Non-lethal and humane: Utilizing Border Collies to deter Canada Geese is a non-lethal and humane approach. These intelligent and highly trainable dogs employ their natural herding instincts to create a perceived threat, encouraging geese to relocate to safer areas without causing them harm.

  • Environmentally friendly: Unlike chemical deterrents or physical barriers, using Border Collies as goose control does not harm the environment. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly method that respects the natural ecosystem.
  • Cost-effective: Employing Border Collies can be a cost-effective long-term solution for Canada Goose management.
  • Versatile and adaptable: Border Collies are highly versatile and adaptable working dogs. Our dogs are trained to patrol a wide range of commercial and community properties, including parks, golf courses, corporate campuses, schools, and residential areas.

Considerations for Implementing Border Collies for Canada Goose Control:

Scheduling and presence: Regular but inconsistent presence of Border Collies is key to effective goose management. Establishing a rough schedule for their patrols and presence will help create an unpredictable deterrent for Canada Geese and reinforce their relocation to more suitable habitats.

Property layout and size: Assessing the property layout and size is important for determining the number of Border Collies needed. Larger properties may require multiple dogs to cover the area effectively.

Safety and public relations: Implementing Border Collies for goose control requires considerations for safety and public relations.

Using Border Collies as a natural deterrent for Canada Geese on commercial and community properties offers numerous benefits, including its humane approach, eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. By working with the professional dog trainers of All Out Bird Control, LLC and implementing our proper scheduling and safety measures, property owners can effectively manage Canada Goose populations while maintaining a balanced ecosystem and a pleasant environment for visitors and occupants.

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