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Welcome to All Out Bird Control, LLC Wildlife Removal Services, your trusted source for expert predator control solutions. We understand the significant impact that coyotes and foxes can have on livestock, pets, and even human safety. Our experienced team specializes in humane and effective predator control methods, tailored to address the specific challenges presented by these intelligent and adaptable predators.

Fox Trapping and Removal
Coyote Trapping and Removal

The Need for Predator Control:

Coyotes and foxes are highly adaptable predators that can pose a threat to livestock, poultry, and domestic pets. Their presence can lead to significant economic losses and emotional distress for property owners. Additionally, their proximity to urban areas raises concerns about human safety. Effective predator control is essential for maintaining a harmonious balance between wildlife and human activities.

Our Approach to Predator Control:

At All Out Bird Control, LLC Wildlife Removal Services, we prioritize humane methods of predator control that focus on minimizing harm to both the targeted predators and other non-targeted wildlife species. Our approach includes a combination of proactive prevention strategies and targeted removal techniques.

Prevention Strategies:

  • Habitat Modification: We assess your property to identify potential attractants and modify the habitat to discourage coyotes and foxes from frequenting the area. This may include removing dense vegetation, securing livestock enclosures, and minimizing food and water sources.
  • Fencing Solutions: We provide expert guidance on the installation of appropriate fencing systems to create a physical barrier that deters predator entry. We consider the specific needs of your property and the behavior of coyotes and foxes to develop an effective fencing plan.
  • Repellents and Deterrents: We employ a range of non-lethal repellents and deterrents to discourage coyotes and foxes from approaching your property. This may include the use of scent-based repellents, noise devices, and visual deterrents.

Targeted Removal Techniques:

  • Trapping and Relocation: In situations where predator removal is necessary, we utilize live trapping methods designed to capture the targeted animals without causing them harm. Once captured, we follow strict guidelines and regulations to safely relocate them to suitable habitats far away from human-populated areas.
  • Lethal Control (where permitted): In some cases, where non-lethal methods have proven ineffective or are not feasible, we employ lethal control methods as a last resort. Our highly trained professionals adhere to all local regulations and ethical guidelines, ensuring that humane and efficient methods are employed.

Education and Consultation:

We believe in empowering property owners with knowledge and understanding. We offer educational resources and consultation services to help you implement effective predator management practices. Our team will assess your property, provide recommendations on habitat management, and guide you on long-term strategies to reduce the risk of predator encounters.

At All Out Bird Control, LLC Wildlife Removal Services, we are dedicated to providing reliable and effective predator control solutions for coyotes and foxes. Our team of experts combines a deep understanding of predator behavior with humane techniques to ensure the safety of your livestock, pets, and property.

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